Monday, September 28, 2009

Grammar Quiz...Answers!

On Friday, I offered you a couple quick quizzes to test your grammar knowledge. As promised here are the answers.

Subject/Verb Agreement. Choose the correct verb.
1. Either you or Vern wins this silver pin.
2. The herd of cattle was sold for a large sum.
3. Hundreds of daffodils are blooming on that hill.
4. Not one of the cows is purple.
5. Relief for the sufferers was in sight.

Related Verbs. Choose the correct verb.
1. Who taught you how to swim?
2. After I had learned these things, he taught me some more advanced strokes.
3. Let us not make our decisions hastily.
4. After I have told you what I know about Tom, I will leave the decision to your good judgment.
5. May I see your tickets? Yes, you may.
6. Can you speak French? No, I can not.
7. Did you accept the nomination?
8. Marion invited all the girls in our class. She excepted nobody.
9. Does George think he will be excepted from the general rules?
10. The muskrat accepted the morsel daintily.

Adjective or Adverb. Choose the correct word.
1. Our tenant pays his bills slowly.
2. She stepped along quickly and spryly.
3. Ellen felt badly about breaking the vase.
4. The country looks beautiful today.
5. We think differently about that.

How did you do? E-mail me or post below any questions or comments you have.

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