Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly Vocab Builder: Loanwords

This week's Vocab Builder focuses on loanwords, words borrowed from other languages. If you want to add a foreign flair to your writing, waking your readers up to what you're saying, try one of the following:
For more loanwords, check out these links:
  • Spanish. Some of these surprised me, as I wasn't aware of some of Spanish's influence.
  • French. I always think things sound better, more elegant in French. I admit, though, that I'm biased, having some French in my mongrel background.
  • Irish. Another bias of mine, I admit. (Didn't see that coming, with my first name, right?)
  • Words loaned in the 20th century. This page gives words from several languages that English has borrowed in the 20th century.
What are your favorite borrowed words? List them in the comments!

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