Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Vocab Builder

Hey, gang. This week's vocabulary builder focuses on the negative side of the digital world:
  • Hashtag spam: Tweets that use a (usually popular) hashtag (#) that has nothing to do with the tweet and that is used just to gain attention
  • E-snub: The act of permanently ignoring an e-mail sent 
  • Cyber disinhibition: A loss of one's inhibitions online
  • Social media hangover: What businesses get when they spend so much time on social media for marketing purposes without knowing how it is (or isn't) increasing sales
  • Robocall: A phone call dialed by a computer and consisting of a prerecorded message
  • Unfriend: The act of removing a connection (a "friend") from one of one's social networks
  • Sexting: The act of send sexually explicit SMS or MMS messages via a mobile phone
What other negative digital terms have you heard? List them in the comments!

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